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Approved: FEMM – PoW!

By | Published on Tuesday 12 January 2016


FEMM are back, and they’re holding fast to their joyous if ludicrous gimmick of pretending to be mannequins (which is made even more ludicrous – and joyous – when they collaborate with other artists).

The duo will release a new EP featuring two new songs – ‘PoW!’ and ‘LCS’ – on 3 Feb. The CD release will also come bundled with their 2014 debut album ‘FEMM-isation’ (though if you already bought that record as a download you can opt for a special edition of the EP which comes with, well, a blank CD-R onto which you can burn the older tracks).

Daft as their mission to save mannequins from being oppressed by humans may be, it still doesn’t overshadow the quality of FEMM’s music. ‘PoW!’ is a great pop track with a solid earworm of a chorus, fed fat and showing no signs of coming back out of my head now it’s bedded down.

Watch the video for ‘PoW!’ here:

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