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Approved: Feral

By | Published on Tuesday 13 April 2021


Producer Caleb Halter, as Feral, released two well-received EPs in the mid-2010s. Since then, he’s more commonly been found designing artwork for other artists, working on several releases for Warp Records. Now he’s back making his own music again and is set to release his debut album, ‘The End’, next month.

With influences in electronic music spanning the populist and the more discerning, he funnels that into melodic soundscapes that veer into pure dancefloor breakouts. Although, it’s not necessarily any form of electronic music that had the strongest influence on his direction with this album.

“My earliest memories of mixes weren’t on Radio 1, but at Labor Day firework displays over the Ohio river synchronised to classic rock, at an arena filled with fog at Monster Jam, or at a laser-light show at Cedar Point”, he says.

“I wanted to create a mix inspired by that world, a super-set of agony and euphoria, a flickering radio transmission, spinning the dial across genre and time, all held together by an invisible thread”.

The album is out through Uno! on 7 May. Two singles have been released so far – ‘In Flames’, and now ‘Cherry Bomb’: