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Approved: FKA Twigs

By | Published on Wednesday 16 October 2013

FKA Twigs

The inimitable voice of this year’s singles ‘How’s That’, ‘Papi Pacify’ and ‘Water Me’, which grace her new ‘EP2′, FKA Twigs is, in real life, Tahliah Barnett; artist, ballet dancer, and elite R&B-girl… from Gloucestershire.

Whilst I won’t go too far back into Twigs’ life history (mainly since this Pitchfork interview did it quite nicely first), her lineage and experience have likely been key in chiselling the EP, which mixes sticky, spinal R&B with ‘thinking’ lyrics and the alien images pinning her clips. Like ‘Water Me’, which fits and shivers on a semi-fixed picture of her face, or the more notorious ‘Papi Pacify’, with its scenery of extremes, and the questions it spits out.

Questions tying to things like this, and questions stemming this excellent piece by writer at The Fader, Emilie Friedlander, which paints FKA Twigs as a kind of ‘enlightened median’ in the deeply divided, and divisive, feminine spectrum, if there even is one.

Anyway, play with ‘Water Me’ and ‘Papi Pacify’ here: