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Approved: Florrie – Seashells

By | Published on Tuesday 25 March 2014


Those of us starved of genius girl pop since Girls Aloud called it a day have had a number of Xenomania-produced acts to get briefly excited about – from Frank to Mini Viva. Best of all is Florrie (aka Florence Arnold) who, not content with being a drummer and model, has also shown herself to be a dab hand at writing and singing sassy, occasionally bittersweet but utterly perfect electro-pop.

Florrie, like Xenomania, is no stranger to unconventional song structures (witness the ridiculously simple genius of her ‘I Shot You Down’ or, of course, their Girls Aloud track ‘Biology’) and ‘Seashells’ similarly sticks two fingers up at pop convention by literally not bothering to include a chorus. A hypnotic dance track (albeit one only three minutes long) that’s more of a groove than a song, ‘Seashells’ is rather good, albeit best treated not as an OMG-listen-to-this-single but as more of an experimental track.

‘Seashells’ is taken from the Sirens EP, which is released in April. The video is previewing on YouTube now: