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Approved: Foonyap

By | Published on Tuesday 16 April 2019


Song, By Toad Records has announced a farewell release. The split twelve-inch will feature four Canadian artists: Dana Gavinski, LT Leif, Woodpigeon and Foonyap.

It may surprise you to learn that the label is releasing a final record. Either because you didn’t know the company had already wound up last year. Or because you were aware of Song, By Toad’s sudden decision to cease trading at the time of its tenth anniversary and therefore thought any farewell releases had already been, well, released. But whatever, it’s happening.

The grand finale record will be the seventh in a series of specially recorded split twelve-inches. Each artist will have three tracks on the release, the first to be revealed being ‘Yes/No’ by Foonyap.

“In my early 30s I took responsibility for my sexual satisfaction and opened up my long-term relationship”, she says, explaining the inspiration for the track. “‘Yes/No’ explores my guilt and desire from plunges into my animal self: my personal liberation from religious and conservative taboos. It expresses the uncertainty of feminine eroticism, a dominant theme in my upcoming artistry”.

These themes follow on from Foonyap’s debut album, ‘Palimpsest’, which documents a journey of self-discovery. ‘Yes/No’ is led by a simple guitar line, punctuated with bursts of folky violin, over which she then meditates on guilt and desire.

The full Song, By Toad split record is out on 7 Jun. Listen to ‘Yes/No’ here: