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Approved: Geiz

By | Published on Thursday 4 July 2019


Although his enigmatic biography suggests that you will have heard his music before in some other guise, Geiz has just released his debut single, ‘Call Of The Void’. An electro track that mixes light and dark, it gets its hooks into your brain using a set of guitar licks that rise up out of it.

“The song seems like a fun dance track with some chopped up guitars in it, which it is”, says the producer. “But the vocal effects and synth sounds draw heavily from tracks in the gay club scene. And the lyrics talk about ‘l’appel du vide’ [the call of the void], teasing the intrinsic suicidal thoughts we all carry with us for some reason or another”.

“Basically it’s a dog whistle supporting the LGBTQ community”, he goes on. “But only for those who look for it or who can hear it. To others it’s just that one electro song with the guitars that go ‘weeowee!'” He’s happy with either of those outcomes. “Both of which I’m fine with”, he insists, “both of which make me smile”.

As for what else we can expect from him, Geiz says: “Being a fan of all music and easily excited by all genres, I can’t help but try to use what I like from the most obscure stuff in what I write. I believe one of pop music’s jobs is to curate the underground and make what used to be subversive more palatable and accessible to the average listener”.

“This can be interpreted as slaughter if done poorly or just out of greed”, he adds, “or it can be a celebration of being able to share something very dear to a small group of people with a larger audience. This is what genuinely excites me. I simply can’t wait to share these obscure curiosities with people”.

Listen to ‘Call Of The Void’ here:

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