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Approved: Ghost Loft

By | Published on Wednesday 6 June 2012

Ghost Loft

So, Ghost Loft is one of those mysterious producer projects. Here are some things we do know: His name is Danny Choi and he’s from LA. Music began emerging via SoundCloud and Bandcamp back in March, which has so far resulted in three original tracks and a remix (of ‘Beautiful Life’ by Scandinavian band JJ). He even has a MySpace page, which is suspicious, though I suppose it shows that he’s thorough, if nothing else.

But anyway, that forensic analysis of the almost non-existent information available out of the way, how about we talk about the music? Yeah, okay, let’s do that. Because it’s that which has got Choi’s work so much coverage on the blogs of late, not the fact that he has recently set up a MySpace account (though that is weird).

Sharing much in common with the echoey distant pop sounds of The xx and James Blake, but with less of the introversion and more R&B slinkiness, the stand out from the three tracks on offer is ‘Seconds’. Driven by minimal, muted guitar and floaty synths, vocals are shared between Choi’s affected intonations and a cut up, sped up sample. Stream the track below and download it here.