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Approved: Haiku Salut

By | Published on Tuesday 12 June 2018

Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut have released new single ‘Cold To Crack The Stones’. The track is taken from their forthcoming third album, ‘There Is No Elsewhere’, which will be their first released on PRAH Recordings. The band are known for blending electronic, neo classical and folk sounds, and this time they threw a brass band into the mix as well.

“The idea of togetherness and community inspired us to work and record with a brass band”, says the trio’s Sophie Barkerwood. “We took a mid-winter trip to Somerset to record with Glastonbury Brass which was an incredibly humbling experience. To hear our songs being played back at us by championship musicians was something else. There was such a warmth of feeling and hope and community”.

“We like to keep a nearness between the natural and unnatural”, she continues. “I think there’s often a dichotomy with recorded music – our brains automatically want to know if it sounds ‘live’ or constructed. I don’t think it needs to be that way”.

“The electronic elements sound processed and glitchy and the physical instruments – brass, accordion, guitar – all lead the emotion and provide the human element, the fallibility”, she explains. “We recorded sounds of the woodland and chopped it all up into wonky rhythms and textures and nestled it all next to the familiar warmth of electric guitar and the triumph of the brass band”.

Listen to ‘Cold To Crack The Stones’ here:

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