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Approved: Jonnie Common

By | Published on Monday 6 October 2014

Jonnie Common

Glasgow-based musician Jonnie Common released his debut album, ‘Master Of None’, through Red Deer Club in 2011. Having shifted over to the Song, By Toad label, he’s now ready to release his latest, ‘Trapped In Amber’, on 31 Oct.

There are definite touches of The Books in places, particularly on ‘Crumbs’, but whether that’s a genuine influence or not, Common’s work is still very much his own. The album blends disarming humour, interesting instrumentation and solid pop tunes to create something thoroughly infectious.

The brief intro, recounting a story of telling someone they were on the guestlist for a free gig, instantly invites you into his world as a co-conspirator, rather than trying to keep you at arm’s length. It makes listening to the record feel like sitting down with a friend who just happens to have written some brilliant songs.

Listen to album track ‘Shark’ here: