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Approved: Juice Webster

By | Published on Tuesday 10 November 2020

Juice Webster

Juice Webster’s first single of 2020, ‘Let The Dog Out’, is – perhaps appropriately for the year we’ve had – about attempting to fight off being plunged into the depths of heavy existential thought. Coming a little over a year after her beautiful, emotion-twisting debut EP, ‘You Who Was Myself’, it’s a welcome return from an artist with immense talent as both a songwriter and performer.

The song, though performed on acoustic guitar, could happily be played as a much heavier rock track. That Webster plays the song gently when it sounds like it is urging to scream only adds to the weight and power held within the recording.

”’Let The Dog Out’ is about waking up in the morning and straight away anticipating the onset of the heavy feelings that stem from the big questions”, says Webster. “It’s about trying your best to fight them off by going for a walk to be around other people, or by trying to believe in something in order to find meaning, but not quite being able to”.

“I didn’t grow up in a religious household, nor did I attend a religious school, but I find that when I’m struggling to comprehend certain events or happenings, I have this real desire to believe in some greater power in order to make sense of them”, she goes on. “I, like many other people, feel very affected by unjust stories – bad things happening to good people – and in those moments I just really wish that I truly believed there was a reason for it. ‘Let The Dog Out’ is about this desire”.

Watch the video for ‘Let The Dog Out’ here: