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Approved: Kala Chng

By | Published on Wednesday 29 January 2020

Kala Chng

Starting out providing guest vocals for rappers in Bristol, Kala Chng got the music-making bug, learned to produce and started creating music of her own. Initially performing as Makala Cheug, she switched to the shortened version of her name and released an album, titled ‘Empress’, in 2017. Now she’s back with new track ‘Voices’, which deals with the fear of actually getting what you always wanted.

“I changed my ‘day job’ after fifteen years, both to help my local community centre – the job was there – and to be able to go part time to spend more time on my music”, she explains. “The song is all about questioning what I’m meant to do in life … based on the conflict between my own heart and soul and some of the expectations of those around. It’s hard to do what is true to you, especially when it upsets those around you, and when you try to balance your time between your needs and the needs of others”.

On ‘Voices’, she takes the nervous energy of that internal conflict and piles it straight into the music and her vocal performance, delivering a satisfying pop track with an authentic emotional weight.

Watch the video for ‘Voices’ here:

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