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Approved: Kate Davies

By | Published on Thursday 19 January 2023

Kate Davies

Classically trained as a jazz musician, Kate Davies departed that world on 2019 debut album ‘Trophy’ in favour of indie rock and the relative freedom it afforded her.

For her second album, ‘Fish Bowl’ – her first under a new deal with Anti- Records – she documents that life change through a story led by a character called FiBo, who is introduced on opening track and new single ‘Monster Mash’.

“’Monster Mash’ was one of the first songs that was written for the record”, she explains. “This is the moment where the character is abandoned by everything that she knew. And there’s this feeling of isolation in living your life up to a point where you’re like, ‘This is what I’ve chosen’. But when you transition into a different phase of life, it’s easy to feel like a monster, to feel like you’re harmful to people, or that people are fearful of you”.

While her jazz training may be masked in the music she’s now making, it is clear listening to both her debut album and her new songs that she is no ordinary artist. Underneath her fuzzy guitars, there are some really deftly crafted songs, and the way she writes and performs vocal lines is something to behold.

‘Fish Bowl’ is set for release on 24 Mar. Watch the video for ‘Monster Mash’ here: