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Approved: Kirkis

By | Published on Monday 15 October 2018


Pop experimentalist Kirkis returns later this month with his second album, ‘Kirkis 2’. As with his 2017 debut, ‘Vide’, it is set to contain a series of confusing but alluring tracks that are sure to delight you in many different ways.

As a precursor to the album, Kirkis has made a short film titled ‘Who’s Bad?’ that features clips of three of the album’s tracks. Of the video, he explains: “A simple story of a killer on the run who hallucinates a series of unrelated events, ‘Who’s Bad? provokes the aesthetic objects it needs to know itself”.

This is done, he goes on, “in one final attempt to preserve our humanity by somehow finding meaning in the hallucinatory, cybernetic, hyperreal spectacles that is post humanism: the connectivity that transgresses the limitations of how an individual occupies space and time. We are everywhere at once. Simultaneously and instantaneously. A duality”.

So there you go. I think we’re now all fully up to speed with what’s going on here. The album is out on 26 Oct. Watch ‘Who’s Bad? here:

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