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Approved: Konvent

By | Published on Thursday 31 March 2022


Two years on from their acclaimed debut album ‘Puritan Masochism’, Konvent return with another 45 minutes of punishing blackened death doom metal on the follow-up, ‘Call Down The Sun’.

Sara Helena Nørregaard’s dense, sludgy guitar riffs – along with the ploughing rhythm section of bassist Heidi Withington Brink and drummer Julie Simonsen – create a monstrous, unrelenting wall of sound. Meanwhile, Rikke Emilie List’s immense vocals complete the puzzle for a dramatic musical experience, filled with surprise turns.

The latest single from the album is ‘Harena’ – which, the band say, is “an inner dialogue about self doubt, even though you know you‘re meant for something bigger. During this dialogue, you convince yourself it‘s better to stay at status quo, because the feeling of unsatisfaction has become a well known safe space, though the outcome could be so much greater if you took a chance”.

‘Call Down The Sun’ is out now on Napalm Records. Watch the video for ‘Harena’ here.