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Approved: Krampfhaft

By | Published on Tuesday 15 November 2011


If you’re not familiar with’s weekly compilations, which mine the Boomkat catalogue for electronic gems, by way of introduction you should buy the site’s recent ‘Present: Future’ album. Bringing together some of dance music’s brightest and best new (or newish) producers, a stand out from that collection of standouts is ‘Makin Magic’, the title track from the latest EP by Dutch producer Krampfhaft.

Making music in a medieval cellar in the city of Utrecht, he blends dubstep, hip hop, juke and more, not holding to one particular sound or tempo but nevertheless creating tracks that all sound like him. There’s a really warm, late night feel to his music. On ‘Makin Magic’ he slows things right down for what I guess you might call his take on a slow jam, all skittering percussion and funk synths.

Also on that EP is ‘Carl Sagan The Man’, which takes things more minimal and ups the tempo, bringing in that juke influence and showing off his versatility as a producer. You can hear that track in full, plus a mix featuring all four tracks on the EP below. Look out for more EP releases on the Rwina label, plus a collaborative album with fellow Dutch producer Presk recorded recently in China as part of the ‘In A Cabin With’ project.

Carl Sagan The Man:

Makin Magin EP mix: