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Approved: Lorde

By | Published on Wednesday 1 May 2013


Discovered aged twelve and now making waves online at sixteen with her catchy pop tunes, this is pretty much where the comparison between Ella Yelich-O’Connor and Justin Bieber ends. “Pretty special for a sixteen year old” were the words used to introduce her music, produced under the name Lorde, to me. Pretty special at any age, really. Oh look, shall we just start again?

Lorde released her debut EP, ‘The Love Club’, as a free download on SoundCloud at the tale end of last year. Boosted along the way by an endorsement from Grimes (and more recently Buzzfeed), lead single ‘Royals’ has now been played over half a million times.

Already out in her native New Zealand and the US, ‘The Love Club’ features five tracks of varied and incredibly well crafted pop. ‘Royals’ is unashamedly sparse, driven a echoing finger clicks and pulled along by layered harmonies. But the track that really stands out for me is ‘Million Dollar Bills’, a dancehall-influenced two minutes and eighteen seconds that shows Lorde at her boldest.