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Approved: Loz KeyStone

By | Published on Tuesday 3 December 2019

Loz KeyStone

Loz KeyStone’s new single ‘Beirut’ introduces a new EP, set for release next year, which will collect together various songs about friendship.

Although anyone reading that and hoping for a warm glow might want to look away now. The new track deals with the pain caused by the collapse of a friendship – specifically, in this case, one brought to an end as a result of unrequited love.

The vocals for the song were written and recorded very quickly, in fact what you hear on the track is the first take. The music was then added in one six hour sitting, building a thoughtful and slightly disorientating mood to match the lyrics.

KeyStone fills the half of the relationship that isn’t in love, filled with guilt that this is what led to the end of the close friendship. As the song progresses, violent deaths pass in the story as barely observed asides, the chaos and panic in the exterior hardly making a dent on the all-consuming internal monologue about the grief the musician is experiencing. Even when one of those deaths is of his own doing.

‘Beirut’ is raw and emotional, but also understated, and its stream of consciousness story completely draws you in within moments. It’s like a film plays out in front of you in three minutes.

Watch the video for ‘Beirut’ here: