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Approved: Lydia Ainsworth

By | Published on Tuesday 9 September 2014

Lydia Ainsworth

A pretty fresh entry into the Arbutus Records database, composer-singer-producer Lydia Ainsworth apparently began toying with solo tracks as a hobby to her day job writing film scores.

It follows that, with her career as an artist now really taking off, her music has carried with it a sense of the cinematic, with singles like ‘Malachite’ and ‘White Shadows’ (released circa earlier this year via Lydia’s ‘Right From Real Part I’ EP) playing like they might fit easily into a Lynchian-level eerie silver-screen dream (or sci fi getaway) sequence.

Ainsworth is nearly ready to release on 29 Sep the latter half (ie ‘Part II’) of mini-LP-in-waiting ‘Right From Real’, as features the windswept digi-classical shapes of new singles ‘Hologram’ and ‘PSI’.