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Approved: Milk Music

By | Published on Tuesday 29 January 2013

Milk Music

Devo had a gut one, and the Black Eyed Peas had a very approximate one about going out clubbing. New in a grand lineage of artists singing about ‘feelings’, it’s Fat Possum-signed hairballs Milk Music and their new track ‘I’ve Got A Wild Feeling’.

Shaved off the band’s sophomore LP, ‘Cruise Your Illusion’, it bears the claw-prints of a bonelike Dinosaur Jr relic in its scrawly, near-derelict guitars. But thus-mussed as it is, this isn’t any old junk – nor new junk strutting as such. Lyric by lyric and lick by lick, it packs a ton of heart and earnest, and sounds like something that felt really real (and wild) to the band at the time, and most likely still does.

‘Cruise Your Illusion’ is released on 1 Apr.