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Approved: Miss June

By | Published on Thursday 25 July 2019

Miss June

Punk quartet Miss June have put out a number of great releases under their own steam in recent years. Now signed to Frenchkiss Records, they are set to release their debut album, ‘Bad Luck Party’, on 6 Sep.

Always on hand with an offbeat lyrical view (eg recent single ‘Twitch’ “is about the first time I operated on a living human being and how different this was to operating on a cadaver”, says frontwoman Annabel Liddell), the band knock out fast, instantly attention-grabbing songs that get lodged deeper and deeper in your brain with every listen.

Now the band are back with the album’s third single, ‘Enemies’. “This song is many things, a tribute to lost lovers, an anthem for lingering feelings, but above all a reminder that your enemy’s enemies are not your friends”, says Liddell.

“The video creates a dreamscape between two kids stuck in the conflict between hero and horror” she goes on. “Unknowingly we sympathise as we trace their steps in the night but ultimately are reminded that often we are our own worst enemy”.

Before we get to that, I also want to mention the excellent lo-fi one take video for previous single ‘Best Girl’. But now, watch the video for ‘Enemies’ here:

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