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Approved: Norma

By | Published on Tuesday 2 October 2018


Two years on from the release of her debut EP ‘Badlands’, Norma is back with new track ‘Another Red Day’. The song is the first single from her debut album, ‘Female Jungle’, which is due out in February.

“‘Another Red Day’ is the song that started off the recording of the album”, she explains. “I had a funny sensation when I wrote it, I felt like this familiar feeling was finally pouring out of me – something ‘left unsaid’: a red wave that had been ruling my life every month, the invisible hold of the moon. It came to me effortlessly, sitting at the piano facing the window, my heart warm and heavy with gloom… red”.

She continues: “An urge to confess, necessary to my survival as a she-wolf/woman howling at the moon – a kind of erotic drive, taking root in the gut, the deep velvet of the womb – that’s actually where all the songs from the album come from”.

Norma will be unveiling more new songs on a brief tour in November, the dates of which are still to be announced. For now, here’s the video for ‘Another Red Day’:

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