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Approved: Otha

By | Published on Wednesday 21 November 2018


Singer-producer Otha self-released her debut single, ‘One Of The Girls’, earlier this year, quickly gaining widespread attention and praise. Rightly so, too.

Her introverted dance music seemed to arrive fully formed. Though there is actually earlier output still available on her SoundCloud profile and this shows that her overnight success took some work. It also shows that she’s been good at this for a long time.

Now comes her second single, ‘I’m On Top’, which could have suffered from the weight of anticipation brought on by that early success. Thankfully, it seems she has not been hindered whatsoever, and is instead beginning to build a clearer picture of the world her music inhabits.

“‘I’m On Top’ is about needing to have fun for just a moment, but the stress and other consuming thoughts are trying to stop you from having fun”, she explains, saying that this was her attempt “to make a party song”.

Listen to ‘I’m On Top’ here:

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