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Approved: Patricia Lalor

By | Published on Tuesday 31 March 2020

Patricia Lalor

Patricia Lalor first gained an audience performing covers on YouTube as a pre-teen. Her talent for performing apparent early on, Hozier called her version of his song ‘Cherry Wine’ “hands down, one of the best covers I’ve ever seen”. A few years on, she’s now writing her own music with a dreamlike, atmospheric indie-pop sound.

Earlier this month she released ‘Sleep Talk’, the first in a series of five songs she’s putting out in the coming weeks. “This is a song I wrote about a dream I had, hence the name ‘Sleep Talk'”, she said at the time.

“For the video”, she added, “we wanted a place where we could use the projector my mum bought, so we rented a room from our local cinema, brought my brother along and filmed some ‘scenes’ with popcorn, skateboards and projectors. It was great! I edited it on good old iMovie, it was glitchy but it did the job”.

‘Sleep Talk’ was followed on Friday by ‘Words I Have To Say’, which maintains the level of quality set by the previous track, as well as holding on to that homemade feel. “I wrote this song on GarageBand and I particularly love it because of all the harmonies”, she says. “Hope people enjoy it”.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Words I Have To Say’ here:

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