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Approved: Quimper

By | Published on Monday 31 March 2014


Whilst new electronic duos may be ten a penny these days, Quimper sound genuinely unlike anyone else. The London-based electronic audio/visual duo (Jodie Lowther and Johnny Vertigen) make suitably spooky and uncompromising songs and soundscapes, befitting a duo who promise ‘unreasonable music for unreasonable people’.

Terrifying and alluring in equal measure, ‘Feline’ is haunted by the ghost of Delia Derbyshire and whatever lurks in the forest in children’s fairytales, making it redolent of a malevolent Broadcast, or even Saint Etienne on a particularly bad trip. More nightmare pop than dream-pop, then.

Having released their debut EP in 2012, the ethereal and playful ‘Feline’ is taken from a new EP on Soft Bodies Records. The video, created by Lowther, is streaming on YouTube now.