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Approved: Shishido Kavka – Dame Kashira?

By | Published on Monday 14 July 2014

Shishido Kavka

Shishido Kavka released her approved debut album ‘Kavkanize’ in Japan last year, though it sadly never made it over to the UK. Such is the fate of many a great J-pop act, doomed to enjoy success, fame and fortune back home, when unprofitable cult status awaits on the other side of the world. Still, more Japanese artists are beginning to make the journey, even if it’s only making a record available on iTunes.

And maybe this time Kavka will make it onto iTunes over here, because she is back with a new single, ‘Dame Kashira?’ (‘Is It Bad?’), and it’s a track that’s crying out to be legitimately stored on my mobile phone for the rest of the summer. Like ‘Kavkanize’ single ‘Love Corrida’, it has a great chorus, and Kavka’s role as her own drummer ensures a solid beat unpinning it all.

The video visualises the lyrical theme of breaking free from your unsatisfying life with Kavka dancing on a beach while being wooed by an American football player, an Elvis impersonator and a hipster sailor. Just what every woman wants.