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Approved: Solo Collective

By | Published on Thursday 23 May 2019

Solo Collective

We’ve already had one interesting classical collaboration in the Approved column this week, so how about another? The Solo Collective – producer Sebastian Reynolds, cellist Anne Müller and violinist Alex Stolze – released their debut album in 2017, featuring two compositions from each artist. Now, after a couple of years touring, they are set to release a second LP next month.

The second album differs from the first in that all seven compositions on it are by Reynolds, albeit with input from Müller and Stolze. Along the way we go from soft, rolling soundscapes to claustrophobic electronic-driven music.

One of two tracks currently available, ‘By The Tower, At Nightfall’, opens with a soft solo piano, whose melody is latched onto by the strings before being pulled in new directions as they dance around it. ‘Ripeness Is All’, meanwhile, is roped down by dry synth sounds and clanking, industrial instrumentation, eventually revealing a dystopian monologue.

“In terms of music making methodology ‘Solo Collective Part Two’ reflects my favourite working methods”, says Reynolds. “Some of the tracks are taken from live performances, at gigs and in the studio with Anne and Alex, set alongside a couple of tracks that I self-produced that are based on moulding and processing found sounds alongside musical performances, to create ambiguous, naturalistic soundworlds where the line between real instrumental performances and digital processing are blurred”.

The album is out on 7 Jun and the Solo Collective will be performing live in Manchester, London and Oxford from 12-14 Jun. Listen to ‘By The Tower, At Nightfall’ here:

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