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Approved: Svē – BLKNBL

By | Published on Wednesday 24 June 2015


Keened eyed readers will note that it’s not that long since Svē last featured in the Approved column. But the new song she pushed up onto SoundCloud yesterday perfectly justifies the quick re-appearance.

Taken from her debut album, ‘My Religion’, which is out next week, ‘BLKNBL’ is a monster of a pop song. It’s got drama, tension, unexpected twists, a thoroughly infectious synth line, and Svē, to use the technical term, belting it the fuck out. Lyrically it deals with the battle between the artist and her internal monologue, and overcoming self-doubt. From the sound of it, those demons have been conquered.

I recommend you listen to ‘BLKNBL right now, and prepare for the incoming album: