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Approved: Svē

By | Published on Thursday 24 July 2014


Svē, or SVĒ, or S V Ē, depending on how you’re prepared to stylise it, is New York-based singer and songwriter Sveta Bout. This week she put out her second self-released single, ‘Riot’.

Having been listening to the track on a loop, I can confidently say that if it started playing through some big speakers in a dark room where I may have had no less than two alcoholic drinks, I would almost certainly now lose my proverbial shit. It’s maybe not the most attention-grabbing song at first, but then she gets to the chorus and starts singing “Ruh-o-aye ruh-o-aye uh-o-aye-et” and it’s immediately apparent that she’s onto something. Then she gets to the “aye-et-et aye-et-et aye-et-et aye-et-et” bit and you can’t wait to hit the play button again.

“Oh, but this is probably just a one off”, I’m going to pretend you’re saying for the purpose of this narrative. “She’s probably not that great a songwriter”. Oh yeah? Well, just go back and listen to the single she released last year, ‘Talking To The Walls’. Not only does it prove that she can do slow songs, but also uncovers further ear-pleasing vocal sounds that I would like to hear more of.

So that’s settled that argument. Do you have anything more to say? No, I didn’t think so. Let’s all listen to ‘Riot’ now: