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Approved: SZA

By | Published on Wednesday 12 March 2014


A vital link in the same Top Dawn Entertainment chain as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and so on, the label’s first female signee SZA is also one of a guard of odd-one-out vocalistas punching holes in all sorts of outdated R&B ‘norms’ right now.

To date the maker of two mixtapes – ‘See.SZA.RUN’ and ‘S’ – which are still online to download for your own on SoundCloud, New Jersey native Solana Rowe has this week trailed third compilation ‘Z’ (released in early April, and with an ‘A’ still to come) in the form of a visual for one of its songs, the thick and liquid ‘Babylon’.

The clip finds her wading into a lake, having first laid all her things (and a letter) on the bank, and then sinking in until she disappears. And whilst that seems self-erasing and perhaps unhealthy imagery, I’m certain she meant fans to weigh and interpret it freely.

One thing’s for sure, it’s strong, striking and commands that you think it over. Oh, and the song’s good too. So that’s actually four sure things in all.