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Approved: Tess Guthrie

By | Published on Thursday 31 October 2019

Tess Guthrie

After beginning to make ripples in 2018, Tess Guthrie released her debut single, ‘WUTO’, earlier this year. Both in terms of songwriting and performance, the song displays a confidence of someone far further into their career. Now she’s back with her second single, ‘Fairy Lights’, which firmly one-ups that previous release.

“This song feels so primal and defiant when we play it live”, Guthrie says of ‘Fairy Lights’. “So we worked really hard to inject that energy into the production”.

It doesn’t just have a bold sound though, Guthrie delivers a firm message on gendered violence and the systems that perpetuate it in the song’s lyrics.

She says: “I’m so sick of seeing patriarchal attitudes and behaviours perpetuating and permitting violence and abuse across its full spectrum. It has been so normalised that survivors are made to believe that what has happened to them is their fault. It is never their fault. ‘​Fairy Lights’​ is about that”.

Guthrie has a number of Australian dates coming up next month, and ‘Fairy Lights’ is out now. Listen here:

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