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Approved: The Duke Spirit – Here Comes The Vapour

By | Published on Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Duke Spirit

A decade ago The Duke Spirit were being lauded as the next big thing in British rock music on the back of their excellent debut album ‘Cuts Across The Land’. In the intervening years, over the course of three years, you might say, they fizzled out somewhat. I bet you thought they’d split up. But no, they have not, and now they are back.

Working once again with their debut’s co-producer Simon Raymonde, the band will release a new album, titled ‘Kin’, next year. “We took some time away. We had to loosen the grip, change the pattern. Let in fresh prana”, says vocalist Leila Moss.

And so comes the album’s first single, ‘Here Comes The Vapour’, a six minute testament to what a bit of a rest can do for a band’s output. It’s not a return to the urgency of ‘Cuts Across The Land’, but it’s definitely the sound of a band re-invigorated.

You’ll also be able to catch The Duke Spirit live at a one-off show at Wilton’s Music Hall in London on 22 Oct. But first, here’s ‘Here Comes The Vapour’: