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Approved: The Keep

By | Published on Thursday 7 November 2019

The Keep

Recently signed to Houndstooth, The Keep is a project from Sweden-based producer Oliver Knowles. He is set to release his debut EP, ‘Primer’, on 6 Dec, from which the track ‘Barry Manny Drone’ is taken.

Raised in Indonesia until he was six, Knowles references this heritage on the EP by sampling traditional Indonesian instruments to build the various drones that wind their way through the track.

Not that you’re likely to be able to identify the instruments used, but that fact possibly contributes to how the track slowly draws you in to its initial intimate sound – evoking industrial noise, whale song and church organs – before it opens up into a vast, euphoric expanse.

“‘Barry Manny Drone’ is about loneliness”, says Knowles. “The track is meant to be a kind of reassurance or comfort blanket”.

Of the EP as a whole, he adds: “With this EP, the tone of films like ‘Under The Skin’ and ‘Annihilation’, and reading ‘The Southern Reach Trilogy’ that ‘Annihilation’ was adapted from, was very influential”.

You can catch The Keep live at Paper Dress Vintage in London on 12 Feb next year. Watch the video for ‘Barry Manny Drone’ here.

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