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Approved: Wargasm

By | Published on Tuesday 17 November 2020


“Yeah, yeah, it’s riffy as fuck. Nu metal is definitely coming back”, quips Wargasm vocalist Milkie Way, breaking off mid-flow, on the band’s track ‘God Of War’.

It hadn’t occurred to me until I reached this point in their catalogue that I might be listening to a new phase of the genre no one asked to return. But, hey, now I come to think of it, it didn’t really occur to me that it had snuck into recent(ish) tracks by Rina Sawayama and Grimes either, until someone pointed it out. So maybe this is it. The long-threatened revival. And in its re-contextualised form, it might just be what we need right now.

Formed by Way and former Dead! guitarist Sam Matlock last year, Wargasm have put out a string of singles over the last twelve months, including ‘God Of War’. The latest, ‘Rage All Over’, arrived to coincide with their appearance at Slipknot’s Pulse Of The Maggots online festival last Friday and finds them at their most punishing.

“It always starts with a smile, and ends with something sick and twisted”, they say. “Politicians lie. People are brainwashed. Services get cut. No one can afford a house. The cost of living goes up. Our wages go down. Art suffers. People suffer. The forests are burning, the waters full of chemicals and every day theres a new false flag hoisted next to a very real knife dangling above our heads”.

“Nothing changes and nothing gets better”, they add. “We wouldn’t say Wargasm is a political band; but we’re not just pissed off, we’re rage all over”.

Set to support Yungblud on his virtual world tour later this month, they also have shows booked in real world venues with him and Creeper next March. Right now, you can listen to ‘Rage All Over’ here: