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Approved: Wesley Gonzalez

By | Published on Thursday 31 March 2016

Wesley Gonzales

After Let’s Wrestle split last year, frontman Wesley Gonzalez got to work on building himself a solo career. In doing so, he made an effort to move away from punk, ditching guitars altogether and arriving at something with more of a classic singer-songwriter feel. But still, he says, the music is “defined as angry music; anger is still an energy. All the lyrics are rooted in my disgust with a lot of the modern world, and feeling powerless as a young person in our society”.

Debut single ‘I Spoke To Euan’, which is due for release through Moshi Moshi on 20 May, is a theatrically spun tale of the distinct lack on glamour on tour. “We had travelled for a whole day getting to where we were staying after playing Primavera”, explains Gonzales of the inspiration for the song. “I was overexcited, drinking a lot and smoking a lot. I think I found it hard to completely ease into it. I went to sleep and had a nightmare that woke me up crying uncontrollably, not really understanding why”.

The Euan of the title is Younghusband’s Euan Hinshelwood, also a member of Gonzalez’s band, with whom he tried to make sense of what was happening. A job the resulting song then completes.

Listen to ‘I Spoke to Euan’ here:

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