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Approved: Whipped Cream

By | Published on Thursday 13 December 2018

Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream has been on my mental list of artists to write about here for most of the year, but things have never quite lined up. So I’m happy to have her fill the final one of these columns for 2018.

The last twelve months has seen the Canadian producer release a steady stream of bass-heavy tracks featuring a range of influences, from hip hop to dubstep. The newly released ‘Luv’ switches things up yet again, masterfully mashing up breakbeats, hip hop, dark electro and more in under two minutes (although a longer mix also exists if you need more – which you will).

“I combined sounds and grooves from stuff I listened to when I first got into electronic music and put it all together into one piece of work”, she says. “You think you know my sound? Think again. This piece is to leave my listener with questions and wanting more”.

Watch the video for ‘Luv’ here:

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