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Approved: Yves Tumor

By | Published on Thursday 30 August 2018

Yves Tumor

Yves Tumor released his debut album, ‘Serpent Music’, two years ago through the excellent PAN record label. Now signed to Warp, he returned with new single ‘Noid’ earlier this year, and is now back again with a second track for the label, ‘Licking An Orchid’.

Tumor has developed a mastery of balancing light and dark, and the deceptive use of both – as can also be said of James K, who joins him on the new track. ‘Licking An Orchid’ introduces itself with a lilting guitar line, joined by jittery drums and gently breathless vocals.

But the words gradually reveal a darker tone than the familiar love song it initially appears to be. Once that realisation has had time to set in, the track is torn wide open by a distorted synth solo, which gives way once again to James K’s soft voice.

Watch the video for ‘Licking An Orchid’ here:

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