Arcade Fire announce new album, David Bowie confirms contribution

By | Published on Tuesday 10 September 2013

Arcade Fire

Right, so yesterday Arcade Fire announced a load of stuff pertaining to their new album, ‘Reflektor’. That’s one of the things there – the album is called ‘Reflektor’ – though we’d kind of guessed that already. It will be a double album – aka too long – and the first single, ‘Reflektor’, features “a brief backing vocal” by David Bowie.

Limited vinyl copies of the single went on sale in some record shops at 9pm last night, listed as being by The Reflektors. Even though the song is by Arcade Fire. The liars.

What else? Oh, if you pre-order the album from ahead of the 29 Oct release you’ll get first dibs on tickets for the band’s upcoming world tour (Arcade Fire, not The Reflektors, I think I’d already made it fairly plain that The Reflektors don’t actually exist).

Talking of gigs, Arcade Fire also played a show at Salsatheque in Montreal last night, a venue with a capacity of somewhere between 100 and 750, depending on who you ask.

Most of these pieces of information leaked before the 9pm 9/9 ‘surprise’ announcement (I’m not sure if we knew it was a double album or not), which was probably good preparation for the ‘surprise’ announcement of the new iPhone(s) later this evening. I imagine that’s exactly what Arcade Fire were aiming for all along.

There is a video for the new single, of course. In fact, there are two. The Anton Corbijn directed promo you can see below, plus an interactive video, which is quite cool when it works. Which most of the time it doesn’t. On about the third attempt I also listened to the song, which it turned out is quite good too. Check that out here.