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Asda announce Chris De Burgh partnership

By | Published on Tuesday 12 October 2010

I quite like Chris De Burgh’s ‘Spanish Train & Other Stories’ album. Is that something you’re meant to admit to in polite company? Well, I just did. Sorry. But everything he’s released since has been shit. His new album also has ‘Other Stories’ in the title too, so I wonder if it will be a return to his 1975 form, or another helping of shit?

Presumably Asda hope the former given they’ve just entered into one of those exclusivity agreements with the Irish singer for the release of ‘Moonfleet & Other Stories’, which is coming out via his own label, Ferryman Productions. Though come to think of it, the average Asda customer would probably prefer the shit.

Confirming their De Burgh partnership, Asda’s music, video and games chap Fergal Gara told CMU: “In a changing entertainment landscape it makes sense for Asda to investigate new ways of working to deliver more value and better choice for our customers. This exclusive album release in partnership with Chris de Burgh and his label, Ferryman Productions, represents an unprecedented new style of relationship. Working this closely with an artist such as Chris de Burgh not only offers a greater potential for return for both parties, but also allows us to pass on a saving to Asda shoppers whilst offering an exclusive product just for them”.

By saying this “represents an unprecedented new style of relationship”, I think Gara means “we’re going to do what Tesco have already done loads”. But I didn’t have time to ask, because before I could that De Burgh man was butting in, insisting: “I’m very happy and excited that my management and record company have decided to make this unique deal with Asda and I wish them every success with the project. I hope that this is a relationship that we can continue in the future”.

The partnership was brought together by the Br&nd Romance agency and will see the two sides work together on the sales and marketing of the album, which will be released on 18 Oct.