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Attitude Is Everything and AIF collaborate on new access information drive

By | Published on Friday 6 November 2015

Attitude Is Everything

At the Festival Congress yesterday, the Association Of Independent Festivals announced a new collaboration with Attitude Is Everything, the charity that encourages the live music sector to improve accessibility to its events for deaf and disabled music fans.

The joint project will see AIF encourage festivals to do possibly the simplest thing promoters can do to help deaf and disable customers: provide decent information about access and facilities at their events online. This information, Attitude Is Everything points out, “is absolutely crucial, and often determines whether disabled music lovers will choose to attend a festival or gig in the first place”.

AIF will provide its members with an easy-to-use template via which they can set up an access information page on their websites that includes all the required information. Events that do so will then be allowed to stick an ‘Access Starts Online’ stamp of approval on their websites and social media. The Access Starts Online initiative will then be extended beyond the indie festival community to all venues and music events.

Says Attitude Is Everything CEO Suzanne Bull: “The Access Starts Online campaign does exactly what is says on the tin. A lack of access information on event websites is a major barrier to deaf and disabled fans enjoying live music, and in most instances will influence whether they actually buy a ticket in the first place”.

She goes on: “Attitude Is Everything is delighted to be partnering with the Association Of Independent Festivals for the campaign’s launch. Not only do they represent some of the UK’s most exciting live events, including many of my personal favourites, but as an organisation they have consistently taken a strong stand on issues that impact upon music fans such as ticket touting or legal highs. We look forward to working closely with them in future”.