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Ava Max signs Warner Chappell publishing deal

By | Published on Thursday 5 September 2019

Ava Max

Warner Chappell and the publishing side of LA-based music firm the Artist Partner Group have announced a joint agreement to rep the songwriting catalogue of rising star Ava Max.

“I’m someone who speaks my mind, so it was important to me that my publisher value originality and creative expression”, says Max. “I trust the APG crew immensely, and am excited to collaborate with the Warner Chappell team to begin this next chapter”.

I don’t know if that means she doesn’t trust Warner Chappell. I’m sure she does. Here’s the immensely trustworthy US President of A&R Ryan Press and VP of A&R Katy Wolaver, who say jointly: “Ava is bold, fearless, and a breath of fresh air. The world’s only just begun to see the heights that she can hit, and we’re excited to be by her side in the journey ahead”.

APG’s Angie Pagano adds: “I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Ava, and it’s amazing to see her personality and creativity brought to life in her music. Her incredible voice and passion for pop music set her apart, and I’m happy to support her relentless determination as she continues to skyrocket”.

APG – which does label services as the Artist Partner Group and publishing nonsense as the Artist Publishing Group – is a joint venture between Warner Music label Atlantic and Warner Music exec Mike Caren. Its songs catalogue is administered by Warner Chappell. Max already releases her recordings through the Artist Partner Group, which is in turn distributed by Atlantic. It all seems unnecessarily complicated.