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Avril Lavigne full of songs

By | Published on Wednesday 18 August 2010

Avril Lavigne has recorded enough new songs to fill two whole albums, she has revealed. Let’s hope she picks out the best ones and makes one really good album, rather than spreading them all across two flabby ones, as has become popular in recent years.

She told her fansite, Avril Lavigne Bandaids: “I’ve been in LA working on the album. Trying some new stuff. Exploring. The thing with me, is that I write my own music and therefore, it takes me longer to put out records because I have to live my life to get inspiration. I have so much material at this point, for two records. I’m getting close”.

We’d best hope she doesn’t get too close, as she’s just been diagnosed with strep throat, or the streptococcus virus, if you want get all fancy about it. Lavigne refused to stop working though, posting a picture of herself wearing a face mask to Twitter with the message: “In the studio with [producer] AlexDaKid. I’ve got strep throat, but I ain’t stopping my thing!”