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Axl Rose glides through LAX on a scooter

By | Published on Wednesday 27 April 2016

Guns N Roses

Axl Rose was followed around Los Angeles International Airport by the paparazzi as he arrived to catch a plane this week. He pleasantly but briefly answered questions about Coachella, AC/DC, Prince and more as he did.

“Oh, but Axl Rose broke his foot recently”, you are correctly thinking. “That must have been a right pain in the arse, trying to get all the way through an airport on crutches with photographers hounding you all the way”.

See, it’s thoughts like that which really show up your lack of imagination. Axl Rose has no need for crutches. Axl Rose is currently propelling himself around on a scooter specially designed for someone with one foot out of action.

And, yes, I have written all of this because apparently I’m not allowed to just write, “Look at Axl Rose riding around on a scooter” and then post the video.

But look at Axl Rose riding around on a scooter: