Bandcamp launches album of the week feature

By | Published on Tuesday 1 November 2011


Direct-to-fan platform Bandcamp has launched a new album of the week feature to throw a spotlight on artists selling their music via the service. Albums will be selected by music business consultant chap Andrew Dubber, who is already an advisor to the company.

Asked by Hypebot how he’ll be selecting artists to feature in the slot, Dubber said he’ll be taking leads from tippers he trusts and from artists directly, but will also browse the Bandcamp network looking for artists that look good. He added: “Essentially this is just me indulging my enthusiasms. As you might be able to tell from everything I have ever said on the internet – I’m a huge fan of music. Lots of music. All sorts of different music. Music’s brilliant. It won’t just be ‘bands’ of course, it’ll be artists of all types – but I’ll typically pick stuff where I think the music is great, first and foremost – and then I’ll lean toward artists who use Bandcamp well. A nice bit of design on the page, lyrics uploaded for the songs where appropriate, a little bit of backstory … that sort of thing”.

The album of the week feature appears on a recently rejigged Bandcamp home page, which is seemingly designed to encourage music fans as well as musicians to hang out on the site in a bid to discover new talent. The homepage also includes a chart of recent best-sellers and a list of artists “selling right now”.