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BBC partners with Record Store Day

By | Published on Monday 25 January 2016

Record Store Day

BBC Music has signed up as a partner of Record Store Day, which is good news. I half expected the BBC to launch its own annual celebration of record stores, because you know, how better to utilise dwindling licence fee funds than with another over-priced vanity project for BBC bosses that no one cares about?

But no, this is no BBC Music Awards, this is the Beeb supporting something industry-led and grassroots. Or possibly climbing on a bandwagon long after it jumped the shark. Which is something I’d like to see. A bandwagon jumping a shark, I mean. Could it even do that? The BBC should axe its pointless Music Awards and pump the budget into hiring some engineers to achieve just that task.

Anyway. BBC. Record Store Day. Steve Lamacq talking to record shop owners. Lauren Lavern broadcasting live from a record shop. 6 Music announcing the list of Record Store Day exclusives. Our very own British Broadcasting Corporation supporting a moment that unites people through their love of music. Good times.

And here’s BBC Music’s James Stirling with a quote: “BBC Music is always keen to support moments that unite people through their love of music. Record Store Day does exactly that and we are very happy to be officially involved this year”.