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Beastie Boys had no advanced warning of Eminem artwork homage

By | Published on Tuesday 18 September 2018

Beastie Boys

On his latest album ‘Kamikaze’, Eminem doesn’t have much nice to say about anyone. However, its cover art appears to pay homage to Beastie Boys’ debut album, ‘Licensed To Ill’.

“He likes us, I think”, confirms Beastie Boy Mike D when discussing the ‘Kamikaze’ artwork in a new interview with George Stroumboulopoulos.

Note the slight lack of certainty there. This is due to the fact that neither Eminem nor anyone else involved with the record contacted Mike D or Ad-Rock about their plans for the artwork. In fact, they seem to have found out about it all after pretty much everyone else.

“I got maybe ten text messages, 20 text messages”, says Mike. “And I’m like, why do I all of a sudden have like 50 text messages? I’d better see what’s going on. Everybody’s forwarding me the album cover from, like, the Twitter feed, or whatever. So, that’s how we found out about it”.

The pair’s interactions with Eminem overall are limited. “I met him once in a bathroom”, says Ad-Rock. “In Rome. It’s not a big deal. We didn’t embrace”.

“Eminem’s not a warm embrace type”, confirms Mike D.

Watch the full interview here, it’s fun: