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Beastie Boys mark Paul’s Boutique 30th with Adidas trainers

By | Published on Wednesday 31 July 2019

Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys are marking the 30th anniversary of their ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album by sticking their name onto some trainers being flogged by Adidas.

But don’t worry, the rap group aren’t selling out too much. Not least because proceeds from all sales of the recently announced shoes – which are currently available in selected skate-wear shops Stateside – will go to two charities: underprivileged families organisation Peace Sisters and education foundation Little Kids Rock.

Also noteworthy is that the shoes are officially vegan, which is worthy of note because most Adidas trainers are made from leather. These employ an off-white canvas.

And now here’s a quote from Cullen Poythress of Adidas Skateboarding: “Few artists showcase the confluence of so many different elements of 80s and 90s subculture better than Beastie Boys. They represent skateboarding. They represent graffiti. They represent hardcore punk. They represent hip-hop. And they represent street fashion and style”.