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Believe announces deal with Chinese net firm Tencent

By | Published on Tuesday 1 December 2015

Believe Digital

Digital distribution firm Believe yesterday announced a deal with Chinese internet company Tencent, which will see the latter distribute recordings repped by the former to its own QQ Music platform and other legit digital music set-ups in the country.

Both Warner Music and Sony Music announced similar alliances with Tencent late last year, and the new arrangement opens up QQ Music’s audience and other opportunities in the Chinese market to artists and labels distributed by Believe. The distribution firm said the Tencent deal will allow it to “promote its popular independent artists in China via the QQ Music platform and advance Believe’s position in the Chinese market”.

Confirming the partnership, Believe CEO Denis Ladegaillerie told reporters: “Believe’s mission is to offer the best opportunities for independent labels and artists; we are therefore very proud to start this collaboration with one of the biggest players in China. It’s important for us to be proactive in building a real economic ecosystem for digital music in China, and to work hand-in-hand with Tencent to contribute to a fairer digital music landscape for independent music”.

Meanwhile Tencent Corporate VP Cussion Pang added: “Tencent is dedicated to enforcing IP protection in the music industry in China. The partnership will further expand our music catalogue and we’re excited to connect Tencent’s huge user base to Believe’s artists, bringing user experience and enjoyment to a new level”.