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Beyonce’s lawsuit against Feyonce merch company dismissed

By | Published on Friday 18 January 2019


Beyonce has dropped her lawsuit against a company selling ‘Feyonce’ merchandise. This follows reports last year that the two sides had reached a settlement.

Court papers show that the case was dismissed on Wednesday at Beyonce’s request. The judge overseeing the case had previously rejected Beyonce’s call for a permanent injunction against the Feyonce company.

The dispute has been going through the courts since 2016, when Beyonce argued that t-shirts and other items bearing the word Feyonce – a deliberate misspelling on fiancé, of course – infringed her trademarks and was confusing consumers.

As well as the word itself, Beyonce’s legal team also took issue with items the Feyonce firm sold with the phrase “he put a ring on it” printed on them, a reference to her 2008 hit ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’.

It was reported in November that a settlement between the two sides had been reached, after judge Alison Nathan said that she could not grant an injunction against Feyonce Inc without the case going before a jury. Beyonce then formally requested that the case be dismissed in December, though there has as yet been no confirmation that a deal was indeed agreed, let alone word on what the terms of any deal may have been.