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Bez challenges Joe Wicks’ lockdown fitness crown

By | Published on Monday 11 January 2021

Bez exercising

As Britain settles into its third lockdown, the stars of the original are returning for another outing. But everyone knows that, to keep things interesting in this third part of our unexpected lockdown trilogy, you need to have a new comedy character to draw people in.

So, while you could continue to do your lockdown morning workout with that Joe Wicks, he now has new competition from Happy Mondays maraca-shaker Bez.

The key difference between Joe Wicks and Bez though – or at least one of them – is that Wicks is already fit. Bez is entering the professional fitness guru domain as a man out of shape.

“I’ve started this new year seriously unfit, with a fat belly and creaky hips, and I can’t stop eating chocolate”, he says. “Last lockdown I got unfit, fat, lazy and into some seriously bad eating habits. This year, this lockdown, I need to sort it out sharpish”.

Don’t worry though, Bez isn’t doing this alone. He will be directed by personal trainer Andrew Naylor, and will also visit a psychologist, yoga teacher and hypnotherapist during the online fitness series.

Asked what finally prompted him to want to get fit, Bez tells The Sun: “I have special pants I wear at Christmas. This year they didn’t fit for the first time”.

You can watch a trailer for ‘Get Buzzin With Bez’ here: