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Bieber falls down stairs

By | Published on Tuesday 25 June 2013

Justin Bieber

Historically, Justin Bieber has always been pretty lucky when falling over, generally having a pane of glass to break his fall. Sadly, his luck finally ran out this week, and all that there was to meet him as he tripped were some stairs. As a result, yesterday he had to attend a photshoot with a slightly grazed neck.

Once again showing off the awesome power of Instagram’s new video functionality, Bieber told his fans: “So I decided I was going to fall down the stairs. So I did! So that’s exactly what I did!”

That twice delivered punchline was down to Bieber’s own piss poor editing. Oh well, he may have hurt himself, but at least he’s learnt something: once this whole music thing has dried up, making films is definitely out of the question as something to fall back on. As is walking without falling over. Only a few more potential careers to try out now then.